15th May 2022 11:07:49 AM
Saudi car maintenance companies Requires to work with:- * sql programmer - pl Experience of not less than 3 years Please send your CV to the e-mail Or call 01094077715

15th May 2022 11:06:19 AM

Accountant - secretary

14th May 2022 02:49:15 PM
Contracting companies Saudi Arabia Riyadh Knowing about it:- Accountant with 4 to 5 years of experience * Highly qualified secretary Please send your resume to 01094077715 Or send your CV to the email

For major Saudi universities

23rd February 2021 10:50:30 AM
For major universities in Saudi Arabia In need of faculty members in the following specializations 1- Dermatology 2- Emergency medicine 3- Internal Medicine 4- Anesthesiology 5- Urology 6- Neurosurgery the conditions: 1- Experience of 5 years or more from obtaining a doctorate 2- Experience